What does acculturation mean?

acculturation meaning in Law Dictionary

whenever new staff members learn and adjust to corporate culture. Time is needed to become accustomed to how things work with business.

acculturation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"the adoption and assimilation of an alien tradition," 1880, from ad- "to" + culture (letter.) + -ation.

acculturation meaning in Business Dictionary

Socialization procedure whereby brand new employees learn, adapt to, and internalize the organization culture. Modern companies enable adequate acculturation time and assistance newcomers through positioning sessions and also by facilitating discovering.

acculturation meaning in General Dictionary

the entire process of assimilating brand-new a few ideas into an existing cognitive structure

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  • all the knowledge and values shared by a society
  • the use of this behavior patterns associated with surrounding culture

Sentence Examples with the word acculturation

Here also bewildering products of ancient metallurgy tax the imagination as to the processes involved, and questions of acculturation also interfere with true scientific results.

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