What does accrue mean?

accrue meaning in General Dictionary

to boost to enhance

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  • Something that accrues advantage accruing
  • come right into the possession of
  • develop by inclusion
  • to improve; to enhance.
  • to come quickly to by means of increase; to occur or spring as a development or outcome; become included as enhance, revenue, or damage, specifically given that produce of income lent.
  • Something that accrues; advantage accruing.

accrue meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. 1) developing or adding to, such as for instance interest on a debt or investment which will continue to accumulate. 2) the coming into becoming of this directly to bring a lawsuit. As an example, the ability to sue on a contract only accrues when the contract is breached (instead of mere suspicion that it might be breached) or as soon as the various other party repudiates the agreement (anticipatory breach).

accrue meaning in Law Dictionary

ble to boost, such as to gain interest that is then added to the first capital.

accrue meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from Old French acreue "growth, boost, exactly what has grown," fem. of acreu, past participle of acreistre (Modern French accro

accrue meaning in Business Dictionary

gather or boost, gradually but steadily, eventually.

accrue meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) To boost; to increase.

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  • (letter.) To come quickly to through increase; to occur or spring as a rise or result; to-be included as enhance, profit, or harm, especially due to the fact produce of cash lent.
  • (n.) a thing that accrues; benefit accruing.

Sentence Examples with the word accrue

Him into frequent communication with the most eminent scientific men, and he was naturally among the first to recognize the benefit that would accrue from regular intercourse among workers in the field of science.

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