What does accounts payable mean?

accounts payable meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. bills being owed.

accounts payable meaning in Finance Dictionary

Amounts owed by an organisation or individual to another for items or solutions it offers obtained.

accounts payable meaning in Law Dictionary

Trade credit created by a supplier with regards to permits a customer to cover later on for items or solutions having already been delivered by the provider. Payables tend to be a common supply of shortterm funding for a lot of commercial and service businesses. A customer business is normally expected to arrange payment within 7 to 180 days, though sometimes terms may increase even more. In exchange for giving the payment expansion, the supplier clearly or implicitly costs a financing expense. See in addition REPORTS RECEIVABLE.

accounts payable meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A retailer's or wholesaler's unpaid bills and invoices; the money owed to sellers and companies.

accounts payable meaning in General Dictionary

a debtor's reports of cash he owes; typically arise through the acquisition of products