What does accounts mean?

accounts meaning in Law Dictionary

Records of financial deals held by a spot of company. Its accustomed show the positioning and has two sheets. The total amount sheet therefore the income sheet help attract people to this included company. It really is required for legal reasons to do a real and reasonable view of

accounts meaning in Business Dictionary

Financial records of a business that sign-up all economic deals, and must certanly be held at its principal workplace or bar or nightclub. The goal of these files is to enable you to appraise the business's existing financial position with reasonable accuracy. Firms present their particular annual reports in 2 main parts: the total amount sheet, and also the earnings declaration (profit and loss account). The yearly reports of a registered or included company are expected by-law to disclose a certain amount of information. And possess become certified by an external auditor they provide a 'true and reasonable view' of this firm's economic affairs. See also Account.

Sentence Examples with the word accounts

Of still wider interest are the accounts of Cook's three famous voyages, though unhappily much of the information gained by the naturalists who accompanied him on one or more of them seems to be irretrievably lost: the original observations of the elder Forster were not printed till 1844, and the valuable collection of zoological drawings made by the younger Forster still remains unpublished in the British Museum.

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