What does accounting mean?

accounting meaning in Law Dictionary

the information of exchange records, monetary documents, audits, reporting to administration, and income tax issues. A process of revealing reduction and revenue for a period of time. It shows firm sources, funding, and outcomes.

accounting meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"reckoning of numbers," late 14c., spoken noun from account (v.). Term no bookkeeping for preferences (1823) translates Latin de gustibus non est disputandum.

accounting meaning in Business Dictionary

Practice and the body of real information worried primarily with options for tracking deals, maintaining economic documents, performing inner audits, stating and analyzing monetary information into the administration, and advising on taxation things. It's a systematic procedure for identifying, tracking, measuring, classifying, confirming, summarizing, interpreting and interacting financial information. It reveals profit or loss for certain period, while the worth and nature of a company's assets, debts and proprietors' equity. Accounting provides information on the resources offered to a strong, the means employed to invest in those sources, and the outcomes achieved through their particular use. See in addition: directory of Key Accounting Terms and Definitions at InvestorGuide.com.

accounting meaning in General Dictionary

a bookkeeper's chronological a number of relevant debits and credits of a business; types element of a ledger of records

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  • a declaration of current transactions in addition to ensuing stability
  • a convincing description that reveals standard reasons
  • a system that delivers quantitative information about funds
  • the occupation of keeping and auditing files and preparing monetary reports for a company
  • of Account

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accounting meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Account

Sentence Examples with the word accounting

Naturally sin is a necessary preliminary to this redemption, and Erigena has the greatest difficulty in accounting for the fact of sin.

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