What does accountability mean?

accountability meaning in General Dictionary

The state of being responsible responsibility becoming known as onto make a free account the obligation to keep the consequences for failure to perform needlessly to say accountableness

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  • duty to some body or for some activity
  • their state of being accountable; liability to be called to render an account; accountableness.

accountability meaning in Law Dictionary

When one party must report its tasks and simply take obligation for all of them. It's done to keep them honest and accountable.

accountability meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1770, from accountable + -ity. Earlier on had been accountableness (1660s).

accountability meaning in Business Dictionary

The obligation of a person or company to take into account its activities, accept duty for them, and also to disclose the outcome in a transparent way. It also includes the obligation for the money or other entrusted home.

accountability meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Their state of being responsible; obligation to be known as onto make a free account; accountableness.

Sentence Examples with the word accountability

While in the short term such systems might fan civil unrest and spark government reprisals, ultimately they would lead to more accountability by governments and more transparency.

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