What does account executive mean?

account executive meaning in Urban Dictionary

Account professional are mostly in charge of the more practical elements of the advertising jobs (ie leaflets, distributions, adaptations of materials from different languages, making sure the customer is always happy no matter if it offers a fluffing). They reply to the respective account supervisor and/or to the customer service director/account director in a nutshell words primarily affected of yes. That hinges on the nation and on the account you're employed by. In Spain including, an account exec could most likely develop important campaigns on his or her very own that your Account Supervisor or Creative Director will later take credit for.

account executive meaning in Law Dictionary

agent which manages a client, big client, or acts as a representative broker. AKA licensed representative.

account executive meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Advertising firm's agent just who manages solutions for a particular client (called an account). 2. Salesperson that is assigned to a big client or a group of consumers. 3. Qualified representative of a securities brokerage firm which works as its representative. Also called a registered agent.

account executive meaning in General Dictionary

someone responsible for a client's account for a marketing agency or brokerage or any other service business