What does accordance mean?

accordance meaning in General Dictionary

Agreement harmony conformity

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  • the work of giving rights
  • concurrence of viewpoint
  • arrangement; equilibrium; conformity.

accordance meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "compliance;" very early 14c., "agreement, concurrence," from Old French acordance "agreeing, reconciliation, balance," noun of action from acorder (see agreement). Of things, "conformity, compatibility, equilibrium," belated 14c. Phrase in accordance with is attested from c.1810 (in center English, with respect of had been the typical kind).

accordance meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) arrangement; equilibrium; conformity.

Sentence Examples with the word accordance

In the post-exilic period the historical meaning of the passage was forgotten, and a new significance was given to it in accordance with the gradually developing eschatological doctrine.

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