What does accomplishment mean?

accomplishment meaning in General Dictionary

The work of accomplishing whole overall performance conclusion fulfillment as success of an enterprise of a prophecy etc

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  • an ability that's been acquired by training
  • the activity of accomplishing some thing
  • The act of achieving; whole performance;u000du000a conclusion; fulfillment; as, the accomplishment of an enterprise, of au000du000a prophecy, etc.
  • what completes, perfects, or equips completely; acquirement; attainment; that which comprises superiority of head, or beauty of ways, obtained by knowledge or training.

accomplishment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "performance of a job; condition of completion," from Old French acomplissement "activity of accomplishing," from acomplir (see accomplish). Indicating "thing finished" and that of "something which completes" some one and suits them for society are from c.1600.

accomplishment meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The work of accomplishing; whole overall performance; conclusion; fulfillment; since, the success of an enterprise, of a prophecy, etc.

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  • (letter.) Whatever finishes, perfects, or equips thoroughly; acquirement; attainment; what constitutes excellence of head, or beauty of ways, acquired by knowledge or instruction.

Sentence Examples with the word accomplishment

A strong Sweden was necessary to the accomplishment of his plans.

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