What does accomplice mean?

accomplice meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. Someone who works together with another to have one thing done. Someone who helps another perform some program...Usually bad.2. Lover in Crime

accomplice meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. someone who helps inside fee of a crime and, unlike a mere accessory, is generally present or straight aids in the crime (like holding a gun in the bank guard whilst the vault is looted, or keeping a victim of assault and electric battery). Additionally unlike an accessory who are able to claim being only a subordinate figure, the accomplice may share in identical fee and punishment while the principal criminal.

accomplice meaning in Law Dictionary

celebration which agrees to a crime while the main criminal or perhaps in accessory.

accomplice meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1580s (earlier in the day complice, late 15c.), from Old French complice "a confederate," from Late Latin complicem (nominative complex) "partner, confederate," from Latin complicare "fold together" (see complicate). With parasitic a- on style of fulfill, etc., or perhaps by assimilation of indefinite article in term a complice.

accomplice meaning in Business Dictionary

one that is voluntarily and deliberately a celebration to a crime, either as a principal or as an accessory.

accomplice meaning in General Dictionary

an individual who joins with another in carrying-out some program (especially an unethical or unlawful plan)

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  • A cooperator.
  • An associate in the commission of a crime; a participator in an offense, whether a principal or an accessory.

accomplice meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A cooperator.

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  • (letter.) An associate at work into the fee of a crime; a participator in an offense, whether a principal or an accessory.

Sentence Examples with the word accomplice

Before she became the dauphin's mistress, and that she gave herself to the king in order to obtain the pardon of her father, who had been condemned to death as an accomplice of the constable de Bourbon.

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