What does accidence mean?

accidence meaning in General Dictionary

The accidents of inflections of words the rudiments of sentence structure

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  • the part of sentence structure that handles the inflections of terms
  • The accidents, of inflections of terms; the rudiments of sentence structure.
  • The rudiments of every topic.

accidence meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., in viewpoint, "non-essential or incidental characteristic," in addition "part of sentence structure dealing with inflection" (mid-15c.), in many cases a misspelling of accidents, or else straight from Latin accidentia (used as a phrase in grammar by Quintilian), neuter plural of accidens, current participle of accidere (see accident). The sentence structure sense is simply because they change in accordance with use.

accidence meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The accidents, of inflections of words; the rudiments of grammar.

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  • (n.) The rudiments of any subject.

Sentence Examples with the word accidence

Full accounts of the accidence and syntax, so far as it is represented in the inscriptions, will be found in the grammars of Buck and von Planta already mentioned, and in the second volume of Conway, op. cit.

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