What does accessory mean?

accessory meaning in General Dictionary

what belongs to something else deemed the principal some thing extra and subordinate

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  • associated as a subordinate aiding in a secondary means additional linked as an incident or subordinate to a principal contributing or contributory stated of persons and things and when of persons often in a poor feeling as he was accessory to your riot accessory sounds in songs
  • aiding and abetting in a criminal activity
  • furnishing added help
  • somebody who assists someone else dedicate a crime
  • clothes this is certainly worn or carried, yet not part of most of your garments
  • a supplementary component that gets better ability
  • Accompanying as a subordinate; aiding in a second means; additional; linked as an incident or subordinate to a key; contributing or contributory; said of people and things, and, when of people, typically in a bad good sense; because, he was accessory to the riot; accessory sounds in songs.
  • whatever belongs to another thing deemed the key; anything extra and subordinate.
  • identical to Accessary, n.
  • Anything that comes into into a work of art without getting indispensably needed, as mere ornamental parts.

accessory meaning in Legal Dictionary

letter. a second-string player whom facilitates the commission of a crime by operating the getaway vehicle, providing the weapons, assisting into the planning, supplying an alibi, or hiding the key offender after the criminal activity. Usually the accessory is not straight away present through the criminal activity, but must be aware your criminal activity is likely to be committed or has-been dedicated. Usually an accessory's discipline is significantly less than compared to the main perpetrator, but a hardcore jury or judge could find the accessory as accountable.

accessory meaning in Medical Dictionary

Additional, additional, supplementary, subsidiary to your primary thing. An accessory digestion organ is an organ that can help with food digestion but is perhaps not area of the intestinal tract. The accessory nerve is so-called as it gets yet another (accessory) root from upper an element of the back. An accessory placenta is a supplementary placenta separate from primary placenta.

accessory meaning in Law Dictionary

merchandise found in the procedure process, advertising and marketing, or management. They may not be the main final product. Or an event who is perhaps not the key culprit but linked to a crime. Relate to accessory pre and post the fact.

accessory meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also accessary, early 15c. as a legal term inside criminal feeling of "one aiding in a crime;" also "whatever is subordinate to something different," from Late Latin accessorius, from accessor, broker noun from accedere "to approach" (see accede). Attested from 1896 as "woman's smaller articles of dress;" for this reason accessorize.

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  • 1550s, "subordinate," from Late Latin accessorius, from accessor, representative noun from accedere "to approach" (see accede). Indicating "aiding in crime" is from c.1600.

accessory meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: merchandise or equipment utilized by a company to facilitate or enhance functions. Although utilized in manufacturing, marketing, or administrative activities, add-ons usually do not develop an integral part of the final item. 2. Law: One who, aside from the major culprit, is linked to a crime or offense. See additionally accessory prior to the reality and accessory following the reality.

accessory meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Any device put into a computer that does an extra function, but is not required. A typical example of an accessory is the computer system printer, which gives the pc the capability to printing, however the computer would nevertheless work if it did not have the printer. Under, is a listing of computer system accessories.

accessory meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Accompanying as a subordinate; aiding in a secondary way; extra; linked as an event or subordinate to a principal; contributing or contributory; said of people and things, and, when of persons, generally in a bad good sense; as, he was accessory into riot; accessory sounds in songs.

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  • (n.) What belongs to something different deemed the main; one thing extra and subordinate.
  • (n.) just like Accessary, n.
  • (letter.) something that gets in into a-work of art without being indispensably required, as simple ornamental parts.

Sentence Examples with the word accessory

In some cases the branchial respiration a p pears to be insufficient, and the intestinal tract acts as an accessory breathing organ.

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