What does accessibility mean?

accessibility meaning in General Dictionary

the standard of being obtainable or of admitting approach receptibility

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  • the grade of being at hand when required
  • the characteristic to be easy to fulfill or cope with
  • the grade of becoming accessible, or of admitting method; receptibility.

accessibility meaning in Urban Dictionary

The ease and opportunity with which one can "Do" a potential lover. Popular in tandem with "Attractiveness" as the co-value to get a "Hottie" on a scale of just one to 10.*See Attractiveness/Accessibility Scale

accessibility meaning in Law Dictionary

the power and alleviate a client have access to a site, great, connect, or facility. Or the capability to access documents on a method or website.

accessibility meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1800, from obtainable + -ity.

accessibility meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Extent to which a customer or user can obtain an excellent or service at that time it is required. 2. Ease with which a facility or place could be achieved off their areas. 3. Easy experience of one or company. 4. Authorization, chance, or to access files or retrieve information from an archive, computer system, or site.

accessibility meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The quality of becoming accessible, or of admitting strategy; receptibility.

Sentence Examples with the word accessibility

The positions of the factories were determined by the supply of wood for fuel, and subsequently, when the craft of glass-cutting was introduced, by the accessibility of water-power.

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