What does acceptation mean?

acceptation meaning in General Dictionary

Acceptance reception positive reception or respect condition to be acceptable

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  • acceptance as true or good
  • the acknowledged concept of a word
  • the work of accepting with approval; positive reception
  • recognition; reception; positive reception or respect; state of being acceptable.
  • this is by which a word or appearance is understood, or generally speaking gotten; since, term is usually to be utilized based on its usual acceptation.

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acceptation meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) recognition; reception; favorable reception or regard; state of being acceptable.

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  • (n.) This is by which a word or phrase is recognized, or usually obtained; as, term is to be used in accordance with its typical acceptation.

Sentence Examples with the word acceptation

In its most comprehensive ordinary acceptation the word embraces at present the fluid fixed oils or fatty oils (e.g.

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