What does acceptance of service mean?

acceptance of service meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. contract by a defendant (or his/her attorney) in a legal activity to simply accept a complaint or any other petition (like divorce proceedings reports) with no the sheriff or process server arrive at home. The contract of "acceptance of service" needs to be on paper or there's no proof it happened. In many jurisdictions there was a questionnaire entitled "receipt and acknowledgment of acceptance of solution" or comparable language which must certanly be finalized, dated and sent back to the attorney just who delivered the problem or petition. Attorneys must be mindful they own appropriate authority from a client to act on his/her part, because a client may deny later that he/she gave authority to simply accept service.

acceptance of service meaning in Law Dictionary

This occurs as soon as a product is delivered. The shipping company is no much longer liable.

acceptance of service meaning in Business Dictionary

Endorsement on a writ of summons because of the defendant's solicitor, signifying that he or she accepts the service of this writ on the part of your client. Thereafter, the solicitor's failure appearing on due date could make her or him liable in neglect to your client.