What does accelerated depreciation mean?

accelerated depreciation meaning in Law Dictionary

Computing decline rates faster compared to straight-line option. Both practices are decreasing balance or using the sum of many years digits once the depreciation rate. This results in a more substantial write-off compared to value. It suggests that the value is more as the longer the asset it had it becomes less important. The sum total depreciation fee stays similar.

accelerated depreciation meaning in Business Dictionary

Technique of processing decline at a level that is faster compared to price of straight-line decline. Two primary techniques utilized in accelerated decline are (1) decreasing stability depreciation and (2) amount of many years' digits decline. Both these procedures write off larger percentage of a secured asset's worth during the early years of its life compared to the old age. The reason for accelerated decline is the fact that an asset is more valuable, and contains more receiving potential, during the early several years of its of good use life. In old age the asset becomes less valuable due to its inescapable obsolescence, and deterioration due to wear and tear. Accelerated depreciation, but changes only the time of decline; the sum total depreciation amount chargeable regarding the asset continues to be the exact same.