What does academic delirium mean?

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The excited, confused, inappropraite frame of mind a health pupil achieves during finals time. It is a problem of acute onset characterized by uncontrollable gchating, youtubing, facebooking, google+ing, sneaking meals when you look at the library, as well as an exponential escalation in the actual quantity of breaks to "make peepees", because of caffeine overdosing. The syndrome may be aggravated by accelerated health college programs of the caribbean nature. In cases like this, those impacted, without actively working on a tan, will work on a DVT straight correlated to sitting on a desk for 22 hours right. Full resolution and recovery is expected within 7-10 times post examination. Recovery is accelerated by alcoholic beverages, resting, filling a person's face with food, and avoiding all direct and indirect connection with studyproducts in addition to such. State is highly infectious.