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"Academia is a collective term for medical and social neighborhood involved with higher education and peer-reviewed research, taken as a whole." -wikipediaTo place it frankly, academians (those who find themselves in the field of academia) have the opportunity, and sometimes do just take anything which a frequent person can describe in some easy steps, and switch it into a 20 web page guidebook made up entirely of unnecissary information, and undoubtedly they've 20 different terms for the same thing without any indicator that people 20 things basically the same thing, and thus it will take you days to decode it back in those couple of easy steps.

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called for Cicero's villa.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Female

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the academic world

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Germany The earliest trace of the literary journal in Germany is to be found in the Erbauliche Monatsunterredungen (1663) of the poet Johann Rist and in the Miscellanea curiosa medico-physica (1670-1704) of the Academia naturae curiosorum Leopoldina-Carolina, the first scientific annual, uniting the features of the Journal des savants and of the Philosophical Transactions.

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