What does abuse of process mean?

abuse of process meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the utilization of legal procedure by unlawful, destructive, or perverted means. These include serving (officially providing) a problem to some body with regards to have not really already been submitted, in order to intimidate an enemy; filing a false declaration of solution (filing a report untruthfully stating a lie that some body features officially offered a notice to some other individual, processing a lawsuit with no basis at legislation, but is intended to get information, power repayment through concern with appropriate entanglement or gain an unfair or unlawful advantage. Some individuals believe these are generally clever by abusing the process in this manner. Several unscrupulous solicitors do this intentionally and may be at the mercy of discipline and punishment. Often legal counsel will abuse the method unintentionally; a reputable one will immediately correct the error and apologize.

abuse of process meaning in Law Dictionary

Legal action that is regarded because of the courts as abuse or punishment associated with the appropriate procedure.

abuse of process meaning in Business Dictionary

Litigious activity this is certainly obviously in bad belief (particularly one supposed to postpone the delivery of justice), frivolous, or vexatious (see vexatious activity), and which will be for that reason either dismissed or remained because of the process of law as misuse (abuse) of the appropriate process.