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Absurdist movie theater is a phrase coined by Martin Esslin, a theather critic just who grouped collectively a number of playwrights which had written in the same fashion. Absurdist drama is the result of World War 2, and it is about the means men and women believed after it. You will find three kinds of Absurdism: Fatalism, Existentialism, and Hilarious. Fatalism may be the type of theater Beckett penned (Waiting for Godot, End Game), in which man is caught in life, also fundamental communication is cut-off. Existentialism usually if you have no point, at least you are able to rationalize an existance, No Exit is a typical example of this. Hilarious could be the type Ionesco typed (The Lesson), based off the Neitzsche prinicpal that guy created laughter to keep sanity. The complete point of Absurdism is the fact that there is no point out life at first glance, so there has got to be some reason to live. It really is an effort to resolve on fundemental concerns, why are we right here? etc. An adjective explaining a type of theater that makes no sense exactly what so previously. It requires performs with almost impossible scenerios, characters and bizarre dialogue that is designed to result in the market ask, "just what the hell?" Absurdist plays normally have anti-climactic endings and fundamental, symbolic meanings that no body gets except mcdougal.