What does abstract of title mean?

abstract of title meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the written report on a title search which will show the real history of any modification of ownership on an item of real estate, and any claims resistant to the home, such easements in the home, financial loans against it, deeds of trust, mortgages, liens, judgments, and genuine residential property fees. Some abstracts just go-back in history to your final improvement in title. Occasionally the abstract of subject is prepared by a title business, and in other areas by an individual who is known as an abstractor. Most purchasers and all loan providers need the subject report with an abstract. The information within the abstract is around the moment, comes from the local county recorder's workplace, and often needs a specialist search.

abstract of title meaning in Law Dictionary

document that lists all items in an estate to establish the present state of title. These items listed may change the value of the title. Also referred to as an abstract and epitome of title

abstract of title meaning in Business Dictionary

Document that establishes the status regarding the current subject to a house, and listings all items of record (including statements, deeds, judgments, liens) that may affect the top-notch the subject. Also referred to as abstract and epitome of title where 'epitome' is a listing (or duplicate copies) of documents going back to the main of title.