What does absolutism mean?

absolutism meaning in General Dictionary

their state to be absolute the system or doctrine for the absolute the maxims or practice of absolute or arbitrary government despotism

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  • prominence through threat of discipline and assault
  • a kind of federal government where ruler is an absolute dictator (perhaps not limited by a constitution or laws and regulations or opposition etc.)
  • the principle of total and unrestricted power in government
  • the doctrine of a complete being
  • their state of being absolute; the device or doctrine of absolutely the; the concepts or rehearse of absolute or arbitrary government; despotism.
  • Doctrine of absolute decrees.

absolutism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1753 in theology; 1830 in politics, which sense it had been first used by British reformer and parliamentarian Maj. Gen. Thomas Perronet Thompson (1783-1869). See absolute and -ism.

absolutism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

the alternative of Relativism. Metaphysics: the idea for the Absolute (q.v.). Epistemology: the doctrine that objective or absolute, rather than just general and man, facts are possible. Axiology: the view that standards of value (ethical or visual) are absolute, unbiased, superhuman, eternal Politics: Cult of unrestricted sovereignty located in the ruler. -- W.L.

absolutism meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Hawaii to be absolute; the system or doctrine of absolute; the concepts or training of absolute or arbitrary federal government; despotism.

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  • (letter.) Doctrine of absolute decrees.

Sentence Examples with the word absolutism

Nevertheless, it is possible to trace through the apparent chaos an uninterrupted movement from absolutism to representative institutions.

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