What does absoluteness mean?

absoluteness meaning in General Dictionary

The quality of being absolute independence of everything extraneous unlimitedness absolute power independent reality positiveness

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  • the grade of becoming total or complete or severe
  • the caliber of becoming absolute
  • the grade of becoming absolute; autonomy of every little thing extraneous; unlimitedness; absolute energy; separate truth; positiveness.

absoluteness meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The standard of becoming absolute; freedom of every thing extraneous; unlimitedness; absolute power; separate truth; positiveness.

Sentence Examples with the word absoluteness

The striking and universal success which crowned his work on the Suez Cknal gave him an absoluteness of thought which brooked no contradiction, a despotic temper before which every one must bow, and against which, when he had once taken a resolution, nothing could prevail, not even the most authoritative opposition or the most legitimate entreaties.

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