What does absolut vodka mean?

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ABSOLUT VODKA is a vodka brand which is produced in Åhus, Sweden (not to confuse with Switzerland). Though it was first introduced 1979 in the US, ABSOLUT VODKA goes way back in the days. To be precise, it was first introduced to this world as early as 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith. He is the dude that you can find on all ABSOLUT VODKA bottles, with the text "ABSOLUT | COUNTRY OF SWEDEN" surrounding the tiny little picture. The group who makes the vodka is called V&S Group and that company in turn is owned by the Swedish state. All ABSOLUT VODKA is produced in Sweden and is then shipped away. As much as more than forty percent of the imported vodka in the USA is Absolut. Besides the tasteful and fine vodka of ABSOLUT, ABSOLUT also run very creative and funny ads. This, though, isn't thanks to the swedes. The marketing agency who make the ads are none other than TBWA (Google it, tards!). I think I have now spilled everything there is to know about ABSOLUT. Kinda. Now go and buy yourself some ABSOLUT VODKA... you can choose between 11 different flavours!

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The style of ABSOLUT VODKA is wealthy, full-bodied and complex. It is smooth and mellow with a definite character of whole grain, followed by an email of dried-fruit. Absolut Vodka premiered in 1979.