What does abroad mean?

abroad meaning in General Dictionary

At large extensively generally over a wide area as a tree spreads its branches overseas

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  • in a foreign country
  • to or in a foreign country
  • in a location across an ocean
  • distant from your home or one's usual environments
  • At large; extensively; broadly; over a broad room; as, a treeu000du000a develops its branches abroad.
  • Without a particular confine; outside the house; away from your abode; because, to stroll abroad.
  • Beyond the bounds of a country; in foreign countries; because, we've broils at home and opponents abroad.
  • prior to the public in particular; throughout community and/or globe; in some places; commonly.

abroad meaning in Law Dictionary

geographical land considered foreign to the current location of one or item. This term can apply to overseas and continental differences.

abroad meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., "widely apart," from Old English on brede, which implied something such as "at broad" (see a- (1) + broad (adj.)). The good sense "out of doors, out of the house" (belated 14c.) generated the key modern-day feeling of "out of your respective country, international" (mid-15c.).

abroad meaning in Business Dictionary

A foreign geographical region or location, in accordance with the existing area (or home country) of one or item. This term particularly relates to becoming overseas on another continent. For instance, US business people often say that they're taking a trip abroad to China but would rarely say they truly are taking a trip overseas to Canada.

abroad meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Most importantly; widely; generally; over a broad space; as, a tree develops its limbs abroad.

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  • (adv.) Without a certain confine; away from house; from a person's abode; since, to walk overseas.
  • (adv.) Beyond the bounds of a country; in international nations; because, we now have broils home and enemies overseas.
  • (adv.) Prior to the general public at large; throughout community and/or globe; here and there; extensively.

Sentence Examples with the word abroad

New blood of the best quality nourished and stimulated the whole body politic. Expansion and progress were the watchwords at home, and abroad it seemed as if Denmark were about to regain her former position as a great power.

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