What does abreast mean?

abreast meaning in General Dictionary

alongside with tits in a line as ldquoTwo males could not walk abreastrdquo

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  • alongside each other, dealing with in identical way
  • being up to particular standard or degree especially in being up to date in understanding
  • side-by-side, with breasts in a range; because, "Two guys could scarcely go informed."
  • side-by-side; additionally, opposing; over against; on a line with all the vessel's ray; -- with of.
  • Up to a specific degree or line; equally advanced level; since, to hold up-to-date with [or with] the current condition of research.
  • at exactly the same time; simultaneously.

abreast meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., on brest, from a- (1) + breast (n.); the notion is of "with breasts in-line." Maintain informed in figurative sense of "stay up to date" is from 1650s.

abreast meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Hand and hand, with breasts in a line; as, "Two guys could hardly stroll informed."

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  • (adv.) Hand and hand; in addition, reverse; over against; on a line with all the vessel's ray; -- with of.
  • (adv.) As much as a particular amount or line; similarly advanced; since, maintain up-to-date with [or with] the present state of technology.
  • (adv.) Simultaneously; simultaneously.

Sentence Examples with the word abreast

Coming abreast of the caleche he ran beside it.

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