What does abrasive mean?

abrasive meaning in General Dictionary

yielding scratching

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  • causing scratching
  • sharply disagreeable; rigorous
  • a substance that abrades or wears down
  • creating abrasion.

abrasive meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"an abrasive substance," 1853, from abrasive (adj.).

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  • 1805, from Latin abras-, past participle stem of abradere "to clean away, shave down" (see abrasion) + -ive. Figurative sense of "tending to trigger anger" is initially taped 1925. Associated: Abrasively; abrasiveness.

abrasive meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) manufacturing scratching.

Sentence Examples with the word abrasive

By means of a rotating table either two surfaces of glass, or one surface of glass and one of cast iron, are rubbed together with the interposition of a powerful abrasive such as sand, emery or carborundum.

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