What does above-mentioned mean?

above-mentioned meaning in General Dictionary

mentioned or known as earlier in the day in identical text

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  • Alt. of Above-named

above-mentioned meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Above-named

Sentence Examples with the word above-mentioned

At last in 1558 the powers agreed to an armistice, and in 1559 the peace of Cateau-Cambresis was made, by which Emmanuel regained his duchy, but on onerous terms, for France was to occupy several Piedmontese fortresses, including Turin and Pinerolo, for not more than three years, and a marriage was arranged between the duke and Margaret, duchess of Berry, sister of the French king; while Spain was to garrison Asti and Vercelli (afterwards exchanged for Santhia) until France evacuated the above-mentioned fortresses.

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