What does above the line mean?

above the line meaning in Law Dictionary

1. Accounting: an archive familiar with define earnings and expenditures necessary to operate a business that affect the profit, yet not the administrative centre, for the offered business. 2. Advertising: publicity through the mediums of press, radio, and television. A commission is attained when it comes to marketing company which handles the main points of advertisements with their client. That is also referred to as underneath the range expense.

above the line meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Bookkeeping: used to characterize earnings generated and expenditures incurred during normal course of a small business that affect the profit (bottom line), but not the main city, for the business. 2. Marketing and advertising: used to characterize press, radio, and television marketing and advertising that earns a percentage when it comes to marketing company, that contracts the advertising space and broadcast time with respect to a client. See in addition underneath the range.

Sentence Examples with the word above the line

If the journeys detailed above be traced on the map they will be found to cover the northern half of the peninsula above the line Mecca-Hofuf, with a network of routes, General which, though sometimes separated by wide intervals, results are still close enough to ensure that no important of ex- geographical feature can have been overlooked, ploration.

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