What does abortion doctor groupie mean?

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Not unlike Movie Stars, Abortion doctors share the same measure of celebrity. Their particular feats tend to be watched and worshiped by a vast group of people which admire their nerve, wealth and talent.Abortion Doctor Groupies are a select number of ladies who crave the mental pleasure of experiencing sex with an abortion medical practitioner, getting knocked up on top of that, after which requiring an abortion because of the same medical practitioner two months later on. Abortion Doctor Groupies usually spend time around abortion centers during the early evenings in veil of darkness. As soon as the abortion physicians turn out after a lengthy day's aborting things, the groupies provide their particular intimate solutions towards the physicians, constantly assuring all of them that they are "fixed." One a doctor sleeps with the groupie, the groupie waits to see if she's expecting. If this woman is, she uses the maternity as blackmail contrary to the physician who might be hitched but young ones. Hence, the doctor is causes to perform the abortion.