What does aborigine mean?

aborigine meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1858, mistaken singular of aborigines (1540s; appropriate single is aboriginal), from Latin Aborigines "the first ancestors for the Romans; the initial inhabitants" (especially of Latium), perhaps a tribal title, or from or designed to adapt to ab origine, literally "from first." Prolonged 1789 to natives of various other countries which Europeans have actually colonized. Australian slang shortening Abo attested from 1922.

aborigine meaning in General Dictionary

an indigenous one who came to be in a certain destination

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  • an associate of the people staying in Australia when Europeans arrived

aborigine - German to English

Aborigine [female]

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  • Abbo [Aus.] [coll.] [might be regarded unpleasant]
  • Aborigine
  • Abo [Aus.] [coll.] [offensive]

Sentence Examples with the word aborigine

At one time considered as an introduction from the East, the theory of the Grail as an Oriental talisman has now been discarded, and the expert opinion of the day may be said to fall into two groups: (i) those who hold the Grail to have been from the first a purely Christian vessel which has accidentally, and in a manner never clearly explained, acquired certain folk-lore characteristics; and (2) those who hold, on the contrary, that the Grail is aborigine folk-lore and Celtic, and that the Christian development is a later and accidental rather than an essential feature of the story.

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