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Aboree - (pronunciation: Ahh-Boar-Eee), NOUN. - Quick for 'jamboree'. Definiton equal to compared to a jamboree; which is defined in Webster's Dictionary because, "a big gathering or celebration, usually a magnificent and boisterous one"……………..FUCKIN SICK PARTY, essentially.Synonyms: Ripper, rager, pahhhhty *boston, Party *non-boston, shindig.Antonyms: Work,Origination of term: based on the freaky naturally song "Jamboree", this word is the chorus inside song; particularly inside the lyrical expression "we jam I'm sure we jam jamboree". In proper development utilizing the tempo associated with the piece, the vocalist(s) make a distinct addition to the word "jamboree" by putting an additional syllable (serving as a beat - or a pause inside beat rather) into this word, creating a sound more much like "jam-a-boree" whenever sung aloud. Sung in this manner creates an upbeat and funkier twist from the noise looks - more pleasing on listener's ear.