What does abnegation mean?

abnegation meaning in General Dictionary

a denial a renunciation

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  • the denial and rejection of a doctrine or belief
  • renunciation of your very own passions in favor of the interests of others
  • a denial; a renunciation.

abnegation meaning in Urban Dictionary

type and selfless.Synonyms: rigid, selfless, generousAntonyms: selfish, unkind

abnegation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "an adverse assertion," c.1500 as "self-denial," from Latin abnegationem (nominative abnegatio) "refusal, denial," noun of activity from past participle stem of abnegare "to refuse, deny," from ab- "off, from" (see ab-) + negare "to deny" (see deny).

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  • abnegation

abnegation meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) a denial; a renunciation.

Sentence Examples with the word abnegation

This instance of abnegation is the more worthy of record that it formed a marked exception to Laplace's usual course.

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