What does able-bodied mean?

able-bodied meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. literally capable of working at employment or in the armed forces. It is regularly describe a person as capable of earning money and, for that reason, of spending alimony or kid help.

able-bodied meaning in Law Dictionary

individual who is capable of serving when you look at the armed forces. It can signify there are no defects but that a person is ready.

able-bodied meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1620s; see able + human anatomy.

able-bodied meaning in General Dictionary

having a very good healthier human body

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  • Having an audio, strong human anatomy; literally competent; robust.

able-bodied meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Having an audio, powerful body; literally skilled; robust.

Sentence Examples with the word able-bodied

But these figures do not represent the actual service of every able-bodied Italian.

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