What does ablative mean?

ablative meaning in General Dictionary

The ablative case

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  • Taking away or the removal of
  • concerning the ablative situation
  • tending to ablate; in other words. becoming removed or vaporized at high heat
  • the situation indicating the representative in passive sentences or perhaps the tool or way or host to the activity described because of the verb
  • depriving them of or the removal of.
  • put on one of the instances associated with the noun in Latin plus some various other languages, -- the basic meaning of the truth being removal, separation, or taking away.
  • The ablative case.

ablative meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from center French ablatif, from Latin (casus) ablativus "(case) of elimination," revealing course from a location or time, coined by Julius Caesar from ablatus "taken away," previous participle of auferre "carrying away," from ab- "away" (see ab-) + unusual verb ferre (past participle latum; see oblate) "to transport, to bear" (see infer). The Latin case of adverbial connection, typically revealing the notion "away from," and/or supply or place of an action.

ablative meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Taking away or getting rid of.

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  • (a.) put on the situations associated with the noun in Latin plus some other languages, -- might concept of the scenario becoming reduction, split, or depriving them of.
  • The ablative case.

Sentence Examples with the word ablative

In the gthgs there is a special ablative, limited, as Pa Sanskrit, to the a stems, whilst in later Zend the ablative is PA tended to all the stems indifferently.

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