What does ability mean?

ability meaning in General Dictionary

the product quality or state to be in a position capacity to perform whether actual ethical intellectual conventional or appropriate ability skill or competence in doing sufficiency of energy ability sources an such like inside plural professors skill

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  • possession of attributes (especially emotional attributes) necessary to take action or get one thing done
  • the caliber of having the ability to do; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or achievement
  • the standard or state to be in a position; power to perform, whether real, moral, intellectual, conventional, or appropriate; capacity; skill or competence in performing; sufficiency of power, skill, sources, etc.; -- inside plural, professors, skill.

ability meaning in Law Dictionary

1. Human Resource control: an all natural capacity of a person to complete the job at hand. Make reference to this is of aptitude. 2. Law: The ability to concur and do something about a legal responsibility.

ability meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., from Old French ablet

ability meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Human Resource control: an obtained or normal capability or talent that allows an individual to execute a specific task or task successfully. See additionally aptitude. 2. Legislation: The power to undertake a legal work or satisfy an appropriate responsibility.

ability meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The high quality or state to be in a position; capacity to perform, whether physical, moral, intellectual, conventional, or legal; capability; ability or competence in doing; sufficiency of energy, ability, resources, etc.; -- when you look at the plural, professors, skill.

Sentence Examples with the word ability

He was made governor of Picardy in 1619; suppressed an uprising of nobles in 1620; and in 1621, with slight military ability or achievement, was appointed constable of France.

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