What does aberrosexualism mean?

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aberrosexualism abero ˈsɛksjʊəl izəmNoun.1. Sexual behavior, conduct or methods considered aberrant or that deviate from what exactly is natural, typical or typical.2. (Sociology) sexual behavior, conduct or training considered unacceptable or irregular.3. (medication / Psychology) a generic term for psycho-sexual or character conditions characterized by the training or attachment to aberrant, strange or strange sexual actions or conduct. Particularly homosexualism, bisexualism, zoophilism, lesbianism, necrophilism, sadomasochism, voyeurism, fetishism, scopophilism, etc.4. (Politics) (usually capital) a controversial ideology that advocates the sum total legalization and social integration of intimate actions, conduct or techniques considered aberrant or that deviate from what's normal, typical or typical; an ideology that opposes the traditional Western ideas of person sex, monogamous marriage as well as the household.5. (Politics) (usually capital) a sexual-behavior-driven political agenda considered extremist, pushed by planned force teams, and according to a controversial ideology that seeks complete legal and social acceptance of intimate habits, conduct or methods considered socially unsatisfactory, deviant, or abnormal.synonym: intimate aberration, sexual perversion, sexual devianceantonym: orthosexualityLatin aberrns, aberrant-, current participle of aberrre, to go astray; see aberration.