What does aberrosexual mean?

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aberrosexual abero ˈsɛksjʊəl ˌhɒm-Noun.1. One that is sexually aberrant or that behaves in a sexually unnatural, abnormal, or untypical way2. (Sociology) you whoever sexual behavior deviates from understanding considered to be acceptable3. (Psychology) somebody who partcipates in behavior, conduct or methods considered aberrant or that deviates from what is all-natural, regular or typical. Like homosexualism, bisexualism, zoophilism, lesbianism, necrophilism, sadomasochism, voyeurism, fetichism, scopophilism, etc.Adj.1. (Sociology) of or associated with what is considered unacceptable sexual behavior2. (Psychology) of or regarding aberrosexuals or aberrosexualism3. (lifetime Sciences & Allied Applications / Biology) of or regarding sexual behavior or conduct that departs significantly through the norm or natureLatin aberrns, aberrant-, present participle of aberrre, to go astray; see aberration.