What does aberrant mean?

aberrant meaning in General Dictionary

Wandering straying from the correct means

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  • markedly different from an accepted norm
  • one whose behavior departs substantially from the norm of a bunch
  • Wandering; straying through the correct means.
  • Deviating from ordinary or natural type; excellent; irregular.

aberrant meaning in Urban Dictionary

straying from what's, or perhaps is regarded as the standard

aberrant meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1798, initially in all-natural history, from Latin aberrantem (nominative aberrans), current participle of aberrare "to wander away, go astray" (see aberration).

aberrant - German to English


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  • rogue [abnormal]

aberrant - French to English


aberrant meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Wandering; straying from the right means.

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  • (a.) Deviating through the ordinary or natural type; excellent; irregular.

Sentence Examples with the word aberrant

The only really aberrant modifications of the wing-muscles are found in the Ratitae, where they are, however, all easily explained by reduction, and in the penguins, where the wings are greatly specialized into blades for rowing with screw-like motions.

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