What does abelmoschus mean?

abelmoschus meaning in General Dictionary

genus of tropical coarse herbs having big lobed leaves and often yellowish blossoms

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  • genus of tropical coarse natural herbs having huge lobed leaves and frequently yellowish flowers

abelmoschus - German to English

abelmosk [Abelmoschus moschatus]

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  • ambrette seeds [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • ambrette [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • yearly hibiscus [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • bamia moschata [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • musk-mallow [Malva moschata]
  • muskdana [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • musk mallow [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • musk ochra [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • musk seeds [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • musky-seeded hibiscus [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • decorative okra [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • rose mallow seeds [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • tropical jewel hibiscus [Abelmoschus moschatus]
  • abelmoschus [genus in family members Malvaceae]
  • abelmosk [Abelmoschus, genus into the family members Malvaceae]