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Hispanic-Los Angeles-Texan celebrity known mainly for their moustache. Despite attempts by his fellow colleagues, he has however to shave the 'stache. He holds a striking resemblance to "Pedro" from the function film "Napolean Dynamite". He pretend like he "habla no espanol" but he actually does. They can talk Spanish truly fast, like those commercial dudes in the Hispanic radio place. He could be also known for being a technology/computer/car wizard. He's identified for pulling shenanagins on people (e.g. Tiffany aka "dumberer" the star Azn). Additionally threatens men and women and quite often holds on those threats (example. "Huge Shot Rob" Lorenz). As found during prom, he is able to actually dancing and "get their groove on". States "08" alot. Hates freshman. Hates rafat. Mostly recognized for the 'stache though.