What does abbe mean?

abbe meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, name offered in France to "every person who wears an ecclesiastical dress," especially one having no assigned ecclesiastical duty, from French abb

abbe meaning in General Dictionary

a French abbot

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  • The French term responding to into the English abbot, the pinnacle of an abbey; but frequently a subject of respect given in France to every one vested with all the ecclesiastical habit or gown.

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  • abbot

abbe meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The French word answering into English abbot, the top of an abbey; but commonly a title of respect provided in France to each and every one vested using ecclesiastical habit or gown.

Sentence Examples with the word abbe

Her elder son resigned his title and estates, and became a Jesuit under the name of the Abbe d'Orleans, while the younger, after leading a debauched life, was killed leading the attack in the passage of the Rhine in 1673.

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