What does abandoned property mean?

abandoned property meaning in Legal Dictionary

letter. home left out (frequently by a tenant) intentionally and completely when it seems that the previous owner (or tenant) cannot want to keep coming back, choose it, or utilize it. Instances may include possessions left in a residence after the tenant has relocated down or autos left beside a road for an extended time of the time, or patent legal rights of an inventor who not make an application for a patent and lets other individuals make use of his invention without protest. One may have abandoned the house of contract liberties by perhaps not doing what exactly is needed by the agreement. But an easement also land liberties aren't abandoned property simply because of non-use.

abandoned property meaning in Law Dictionary

the home that an owner has given up all statements, control and liberties. No designation is offered since the possessor.

abandoned property meaning in Business Dictionary

Property voluntarily disclaimed, relinquished, or surrendered by its owner(s).