What does abalone mean?

abalone meaning in General Dictionary

A univalve mollusk associated with the genus Haliotis The layer is lined with mother-of-pearl and used for decorative reasons the ocean ear a few huge species are observed on coast of Ca clinging closely into stones

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  • any one of different large edible marine gastropods for the genus Haliotis having an ear-shaped layer with pearly interior
  • A univalve mollusk for the genus Haliotis. The layer is lined with mother-of-pearl, and useful for decorative purposes; the sea-ear. Several large species are located on coastline of Ca, clinging closely to the stones.

abalone meaning in Etymology Dictionary

style of marine layer, 1850, United states English, from Spanish abulon from Costanoan (a California seaside Indian language family members) aluan "red abalone."

abalone meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A mollusk related to the sea snail, consumed fresh, dried and salted, or prepared in dishes like clam chowder. Called "awabi" in Japanese cuisine, as "loco" in South American, as "ormer" within the English Channel, as "muttonfish" in Australia so that as "paua" in New Zealand. Its iridescent shell is a source of mother of pearl.

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  • This gastropod can be found over the coasts of California, Mexico and Japan. The delicious portion is the "adductor muscle" (false foot) wherein it clings to rocks. Its iridescent ear:shaped shell may be the way to obtain mother:of:pearl.
  • A mollusk, pertaining to a-sea snail, similar in taste to a clam. It may be cooked by various practices and it is most suitable to very long or extremely brief cooking times. Also known as "Awabi" in Japanese food and "Loco" in Southern United states food. It has been over-harvested and is very costly whenever offered. A little bit is being commercial raised.

abalone - German to English

abalone [genus Haliotis]

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  • muttonfish [Aus.] [genus Haliotis]
  • ormer [Br.] [genus Haliotis]
  • muttonshell [Aus.] [genus Haliotis]

abalone meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A univalve mollusk of genus Haliotis. The layer is lined with mother-of-pearl, and used for decorative functions; the sea-ear. A number of big species are found in the coast of California, clinging closely to your rocks.

Sentence Examples with the word abalone

The abalone shell is found especially at Santa Barbara and other places on the southern Californian coast, and when polished makes a beautiful ornament.

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