What does aardvark mean?

aardvark meaning in General Dictionary

An edentate mammal for the genus Orycteropus Orycteropus afer notably resembling a pig common in a few areas of Southern Africa it really is a nocturnal ungulate burrows within the floor with its powerful claws and nourishes totally on ants and termites which it captures featuring its lengthy extensile slimy tongue This is the only extant agent of the purchase Tubulidentata

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  • nocturnal burrowing mammal associated with grasslands of Africa that feeds on termites; only extant representative of purchase Tubulidentata

aardvark meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1833, from Afrikaans Dutch aardvark, literally "earth-pig" (the animal burrows), from aard "earth" (see earth) + vark "pig," cognate with Old High German farah (source of German Ferkel "young pig, sucking pig," a diminutive form), Old English fearh (see farrow).