What does aLincolnism mean?

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Alincolnism is actually the alternative of Lincolnism. The prefix an easy method "without" or "not", so lincolnism is probably insufficient belief in Abraham Lincoln(s).There are a couple of forms of alincolnism: strong (good) alincolnism and weak (negative) alincolnism. The difference between those two is simply that a weak alincolnist does not trust Abraham Lincoln, while a good alincolnism believes in no Lincoln.Weak alincolnism is basically just like abegnosticism. It states that since we have no proof of a Abraham Lincoln, we can't know without a doubt which he existed. Strong alincolnism says that since we live in a scientific world where in fact the existence of things is determined exclusively by their observability, we can't believe anything unobservable to exist. Abraham Lincoln is not observable, therefore he does not exist (cf. Occam’s Razor). It doesn't mean that an alincolnist won't WANT to have confidence in Abraham Lincoln, it simply ensures that he has no reason at all to trust in it/him.