What does a7a a7a A7A mean?

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Arabic term familiar with show frustration or anger. The "7" is a gutteral "h" noise. It feels like an exgagerated Sherlock Holmes "aha!". Its literal definition may be the noise of a woman's climax. This sexual background accounts for making "a7a" regarded as vulgar. But "a7a" is loyally employed by numerous Egyptian teenagers and youngsters. While "a7a" can be used mostly in Egypt, it's attracting a small following various other Arab countries besides.One can respond to an "a7a" by saying "a7atein" (literally: two "a7a"'s). an egyptian term for ( wtf ) A7A is a brief for أنا حقاً اعترض which suggest in English : i truly objected .& It's one of the most famous words in Egypt :)