What does a milli A Milli a milli mean?

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A million. Made famous because of the lil wayne track. May either mean $1,000,000 or simply 1 million generally. a song made created by Lil Wayne . Most likely one of his true most readily useful tracks, need to have already been on a mixtape. He truly goes hard about it. But has an annoying beat. The beat is some man just saying "A milli", repeatedly. One of the worst tracks available by a man. Or a female, perhaps not completely certain. A background beat of Darth Vader saying "a milli". A singer whom sounds like a 9 year-old and has absolutely no skill. It rose to number 6 on the Billboard 100 because young ones in suburbia. Lil Wayne admits a lot of things within track. Such as becoming stronger than locks, a venereal condition like menstruation, putting of pencils, perhaps not composing his very own bad lyrics, investing 100% of his time specialized in money and just money(maybe not the actual investing of it), making references to popcorn companies for fuck sakes, wishing that "crackers" see him, being a homophobe, becoming your pet dog, does not answer private calls, has a sidekick, calls their girlfriend or a woman he previously previously dated their "bitch, etc.A Milli is one, or even the, worst songs I had to hear. I really could get shot and I also wouldn't care, but I NEVER hear that shit.While unidentified to Lil Wayne himself, Asher Roth made a remix of A Milli which can be total destruction to Lil Waynes faggot ass.