What does a la mode mean?

a la mode meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from French

a la mode meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Meaning "when you look at the style"

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  • [French] served with or in the style of. Desserts served a la mode are offered with ice cream; meats served a la mode are braised with veggies and served with gravy.

a la mode meaning in General Dictionary

in the current style or style

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  • with ice-cream over the top or privately

a la mode - German to English

à la mode [obs.]

a la mode - French to English


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  • popular

Sentence Examples with the word a la mode

Ballades in Blue China (1880, enlarged edition, 1888), Ballads and Verses Vain (1884), selected by Mr Austin Dobson; Rhymes a la Mode (1884), Grass of Parnassus (1888), Ban and Arriere Ban (1894), New Collected Rhymes (1905).

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