What does a hobbo mean?

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Doing "a hobbo" is composed of 3 essential parts:a) a very good sex driveb) an ex-girldfriend as well as slutc) masturbationTo succesfully do 'a hobbo' you have to be incredibly horny and start mastubating. Within five full minutes of masturbation a text message is sent out to a single or many ex-girlfriends from the last just who may or might not be ugly as sin.A informal sex encounter is arranged for later that evening with both events in agreeance.while the ex/slut is powdering the woman nostrils, having a shower and deciding what things to wear when it comes to evening (which assumes average between 3-5 hours), the male becomes overwhelmed by his sexual drive (also called ants in jeans and furiously masturbates til climax. In some cases, depending on how long a man must wait, this could be repeated numerous times.By enough time the intimate encounter is ready to take place, the male has actually lost interest and calls from the time to go onto bigger and much better things including the sean treatment.